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Baby is breech? Now what?

Private One on One Class


This educational offering is available as a private consultation and will take place at our downtown location.

What will we learn? 

We'll talk about, how to communicate with your care provider, ways to encourage baby to flip from breech to head down, what to expect if a cesarean birth is necessary and

how to plan a gentle cesarean. 


Things we'll discuss:

Understanding pelvic anatomy and fetal positioning.

Possible causes of breech presentation.

How to tell if your baby is breech.

Specific activities that you can do to encourage your baby to turn.

Evidence on breech to discuss with your care provider.

ACOG recommendations on planned cesarean for breech

Decision making and communicating with your provider and care team.

What to expect if cesarean birth is necessary.

How to plan a gentle cesarean with your care team.


Plus ..

we'll talk about all of the things that you've found

while googling how to turn a breech baby.


What has evidence and what is anecdotal?


External Cephalic Version or ECV

Fascia Release

Spinning Babies Techniques

The Webster Technique




Chiropractic Care



Applying Heat and cold

Using Music and Voice

Using a light to encourage baby to turn

Local Resources

Write down your questions and prepare to have fun!


Meet your instructor

Samantha Steen is a certified birth doula, childbirth educator, Lactation Counselor and Spinning Babies® Parent Educator. She has been serving families in our community for years. She's a Mom of 5 kiddos and 3 furbabies. She enjoys sarcastic humor, nerdy t shirts, loads of coffee and dreams of one day retiring to an off grid cabin to enjoy the simple things in life. 

Class Bundles are available!

Bundle Childbirth Education AND Spinning Babies® Parent Class and SAVE by selecting both classes on your reservation form!

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