Breastfeeding Support

Our birth BG location offers the services of Samantha Steen, a Certified Lacatation Counselor, for all of your breastfeeding  education and support needs. Samantha recognizes the struggles of breastfeeding families in those first few weeks postpartum, as well as the gap in care between the hospital and home and offers prenatal prep for breastfeeding, in office and in home lactation counseling services as well as in office weight checks and professional visit summaries available for email to your pediatrician. 

Because I receive a large amount of questions and I want to to be able to answer them all and give them the attention that they deserve, I decided to offer this service!

Sometimes you just have a simple question, that doesn't require a full lactation visit. I'm happy to be available for those! Just click the "Buy me a coffee" button and then submit your question by clicking here to go to the contact form!

Sometimes one simple question isn't enough and yet you don't feel like you need a full lactation visit. This is a perfect opportunity to schedule a phone consult with me. These are available by phone or video conference. You can purchase in 30 minute increments at $25 per half hour! 

So gather your questions and concerns and let's do virtual lunch!

Just click on the Virtual Lunch button to complete payment then click here to go to the contact form and schedule.

Got a questions or a few questions?

I want to answer them!

Buy me a virtual coffee or lunch!