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Baby is breech, now what?|Bowling Green, KY| Childbirth Educator, Spinning Babies Parent Educator

Here at birth BG we're proud to bring you more resources and information for the topics that you care about most!

In addition to adding the Spinning Babies® Parent Class, we're adding the option for private consultations focused on your specific questions and concerns about pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum!

Our first topic .... drum roll please ...


We'll discuss, things to talk about with your care provider, ways to encourage baby to flip from breech to head down, what to expect if a cesarean birth is necessary and how to plan a gentle cesarean.

Things we'll discuss:

Understanding pelvic anatomy and fetal positioning.

Possible causes of breech presentation.

How you may be able to tell if baby has turned.

Specific activities that you can do to encourage your baby to turn.

Evidence on breech to discuss with your care provider.

ACOG recommendations for breech birth

Decision making and communicating with your provider and care team.

What to expect if cesarean birth is necessary.

How to plan a gentle cesarean with your care team.

Plus ..

we'll talk about all of the things that you've found

while googling how to turn a breech baby.

What has evidence and what is anecdotal?

  • External Cephalic Version or ECV

  • Fascia Release

  • Spinning Babies Techniques

  • The Webster Technique

  • Moxibustion

  • Accupuncture

  • Chiropractic Care

  • Belly Sifting

  • Massage

  • Homeopathy

  • Yoga

  • Applying Heat and cold

  • Using Music and Voice

  • Using a light to encourage baby to turn

Although only 3-4% of babies are still breech by the time they make their entrance, sometimes babies turn on their own, sometimes babies turn with a little help and sometimes they just don't turn. Research tells us that only 7% of babies are still breech by 32 weeks* (EBB) So it's fair to estimate that around half of that 7% still breech by 32 weeks will turn before their due date.

Even though there's no 100% surefire guaranteed method to turn a breech or transverse baby head down before their expected arrival, we hope that we can help you find comfort in knowing that you explored and considered every option available and that you're confident in the decisions that you make in partnership with your trusted care provider.

We sincerely believe that higher rates of satisfaction with a client's birth experience are present, when the clients feels cared for, heard, validated and welcomed to participate in the conversations surrounding their care and decision making.

As always, here's your disclaimer, I am not a doctor, midwife, nurse or medical professional and therefore, it is not in my scope of practice under any of my training or certifications to diagnose, treat, or influence your decisions about your medical care and nothing that you see on this page, social media or in person should be

considered medical advice. You should discuss your options, care and decision making with your trusted care provider.

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