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DIY Birth Photography during a Pandemic Workshop | Bowling Green, KY Birth Photographer, Doula, CLC


Pandemic times call for pandemic measures, ya’ll.

It’s such a treasure to have images from your birth to cherish for years to come. I want you to have those even if I can’t be there with you!

As long as visitor restrictions continue, in light of the coronavirus outbreak, birth photographers will not be permitted into L&D units. It sucks, plainly put, but as much as i believe that birth photographers are an important part of your birth team, I agree that they are NOT essential to your care and safety in a hospital environment.

Soooo ... birthing people .. you’re welcomed to attend this free workshop, i even encourage you to, BUT let’s be realistic, it’s possible but very unlikely that you will document your own birth. (Don’t let that statement discourage you, I’ve seen it done very well) This workshop is intended for partners, support people, Doulas, even healthcare professionals who step up and step in to help families get those pics of that beautiful day!

Things we’ll talk about:

a list of must have shots.

navigating a birth space safely.

hospital policy on photos and video.

iPhone photo tips and tricks.

hospital lighting.

flattering angles.

Time for q&a.

The eventbrite link is live on the FB EVENT Page! I hope to see you all there!

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