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FREE Choose your own adventure One Day Childbirth Class | Bowling Green, KY | Childbirth Education

Fun and informative, IN PERSON childbirth education course covering all the basics PLUS in depth discussion on the topics YOU want!

I'm trying out a new format for in person childbirth education! We're excited to offer the choose your own adventure experience! This will be the ONLY time that it's offered for free! The class size is limited and will have room for 5 birthing people and their partner or support person! 10 seats total to allow for discussion and SOCIAL DISTANCING! This class will take place on Saturday May 8th, 2021 from 10am to 5 pm, at our downtown location, with a one hour break for lunch! Topics that we'll cover include:

  • The anatomy of pregnancy and all the amazing things your body does!

  • Labor & Birth: Signs of labor, stages and phases and what to expect!

  • Interventions

  • Birth Planning

  • Newborn Planning

  • Decision Making and Communicating with your care team

  • Comfort Measures and Pain Relief

  • Breastfeeding and Goal Setting

  • Postpartum Expectations

  • PLUS time set aside to talk in depth about the things that interest you MOST!

Write down your questions and prepare to have fun!

Click on the class graphic above or visit the Eventbrite website at this link to get your tickets!

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