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International Day of the Midwife 2021 | Invest in Midwives | Bowling Green, KY

Today is #Internationaldayofthemidwife and when I began reading through the information for this years celebration, I loved the message.

This years theme is "Follow the data: Invest in Midwives"

YES. Invest in midwives.


Where do I even start?! I love research and data to the report was a dream for me!

Out of all of the amazing content and research that was included in the information that you can find here, on the WHO website, the points that I'm about to share with you hit home for me.

"•To achieve their full life-saving, health-improving, system-strengthening potential, midwives must be well educated, adequately trained, and appropriately regulated. They must also work in an environment that enables them to be effective – which includes working as part of a supportive, multi-disciplinary team and with appropriate resources.

• Investment in midwives needs to include investing not only in their numbers but also in their education, ongoing training, regulation, and working environment.

• SOWMY tells us that only 4 out of 73 countries report an adequate workforce to respond effectively to the needs of women and newborns. We must invest in midwives today.

• The good news is that the benefits of an adequate health workforce outweigh these costs and that investment in midwives has multiplier effects on the broader economy.

• Investments in midwives is a direct route – and one of the most cost-effective strategies – to achieving full sexual and reproductive health coverage and reproductive freedom for women and all who give birth."

To read the full SOWMY report visit THIS LINK.

Kentucky Birth Coalition, formerly Kentucky Home Birth Coalition knows the value of investing in Midwives! In 2019, after a long fought battle, licensure was achieved for Kentucky Certified Professional Midwives. This grass roots movement worked tirelessly and with the support of donors to invest in Midwives and create change right here in our own home state of Kentucky.


They shifted their fight to our NEED for birth centers in Kentucky!

If you'd like more information on how to improve birth and birth options in our state, consider investing in Midwives through the Kentucky Birth Coalition.

The donate link is here.

Happy International Day of the Midwife. Thank you for all that you do to serve families here and around the world.

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