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Montessori Meets Doula | Bowling Green, KY | Montessori Activities for Kids


As your Montessori teacher meets Doula,

I wanted to share a few helpful tips when it comes to a Montessori inspired home. In Montessori, we follow the child. We prepare the environment to fit their needs. I want to inspire you all to bring nature into your home! Why? Because nature is inspiring, it is memorable, and lastly nature is all around us!

When a child plays with a rock or stick, all five senses are engaged. They can feel the rock, smell the dirt, taste the air, see beautiful colors, they can also hear sticks breaking or rocks banging against each other.

Make exploring nature a family activity! Try going for a walk collecting different items along the way.

When presenting nature in your home try using a small basket or tray.

Bring in one thing at a time, start with pine cones for example. You will see children use the pine cones to build, sort, and count. Then, a week later gather a few small sticks and pair with yarn. Simple is best!

If you do not feel comfortable bringing items into your home, you could keep a journal while on your walks. Noting of all the different colors you see, types of birds and trees etc. And of course, have fun! Encourage your child to feel tree bark, splash in a puddle, or hold rocks while they walk.

These interactions are so important to children! Take this time to encourage your child to interact with nature!

All the best!




KaLee Aeschliman is a Mom of two, Montessori Educator, birth, postpartum and sibling Doula offering services in the BG area. Her interests outside of supporting women and children include, a borderline unhealthy obsession with plants, supporting local small businesses and making clay boob earrings for her friends.

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